Manage and automate conversations

Enhance your conversational ecosystem with a platform adapted to your needs and assistants with Artificial Intelligence designed specifically for your business.
Coloqio of people

A reliable and recognised conversational AI platform

Awarded with the European Press Prize for Innovation because of its results at
Included in the Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo catalog of approved solutions. 
Selected as official Business Service Provider for WhatsApp Business and partner of Google Business Messages.
A powerful multichannel and multilingual conversational AI platform, able to fully meet your real business requirements.
Communicate in multiple languages and channels including WhatsApp Business
E-mail is becoming the past. To reach your users and clients you have to be where they are. makes it easy, as it allows you to organize from a unique panel all your conversational processes.
We provide you with a tool to manage your conversational strategy from a sole dashboard
We help you to turn WhatsApp, Facebook or your own web into means to retain, convert, build loyalty or improve your service.
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Much more than basic chatbots: Conversational AI
You need more than a build-yourself bot to offer a frictionless and pleasant experience. You want conversational agents with AI to convey the soul of your business and boost the efforts of your team.
We design powerful conversational AI assistants specifically for you
Deliver a seamless communication with the same logic of human conversations and without losing the personal touch.
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Overcoming no code solutions, low cost or self service softwares
The standard tools do not address your real needs and, even promising a fast implementation, more often than not they mean a headache for IT developers and Compliance managers.
We adapt our conversational AI platform according to your company requirements
With our on premise solution you can focus with confidence and from the first minute on what really matters: grow and scale your business.
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Smooth integration with other solutions or software
You can connect our conversational AI platform with any CRM, such as Salesforce or Zoho, and other applications to make the most of your ressources.
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